Session 3: Born to be Digital: Engaging the Young

12.30pm – 1.00pm

Young people are the consumers of the future. This session explored how the BBC and other organisations are increasingly seeing the potential of bringing young people into the heart of their development and production processes.

12.30pm Keynote from Martin Wilson, Head of Digital Creativity, BBC

Martin described the digital product Mixital and the role the BBC youth panel plays in shaping that and other products.

BBC Youth Panelists explained what they (and their generation) have to offer companies as they design the products of the future.

Martin explained why creativity is the future of work for young people and displayed some of the skills and attitudes that will be essential for building the Nation’s Digital DNA.

Martin Wilson is BBC Head of Digital Creativity, and is currently delivering a set of tools and products to enable users to become digital creators. He was previously, Deputy CEO / Policy Director at Martha Lane Fox’s charity Go ON UK.