Leading Digital Transformation

We can promise a great day of disruptive ideas, best practice, exciting speakers and a genuinely cross-sector view of digital life in the UK, drawing upon a broad range of inputs from thoughts leaders including Ministers, Digital Leaders Advisory Board Members and Digital Leaders from Enterprise, SMEs, Public and the Non-profit sectors as well as Academia. 

As always we will be ensuring a 50% gender balance from the platform.

Registration will open from 8.15am with the conference commencing at 9.30am.
The conference will close at 5pm.

Overview of the Day

The 12th Annual National Digital Conference (ND17) will be the centerpiece of 5 days of discussion and debate across the UK on all aspects of Digital Transformation and Leadership. It will bring together digital leaders, politicians, policy makers, innovators and inspirational speakers to identify, debate and brainstorm the key actions needed by leaders from all sectors to Digitally Transform the UK into a global leader.




During the day we will be taking a hard look at leadership and leaders responsible for leading the UK’s Digital Transformation including challenges:

  • Is there the leadership in Government and business the UK needs to deliver recent strategy pledges;
  • Are the challenges of skills and diversity being tackled in a way that will generate impact;
  • Are Machine learning, AI and robotics sufficiently understood and can business and society cope with this new disruption;


Afternoon SESSION Focus

After a great lunch for networking and meeting members of the Digital Leaders Community who are exhibiting there will be no let up in the quality of speakers or table debate

  1. Keynote - Diversity
  2. Skills session - After lunch we will be rolling up our sleeves for intensive table-based debate and discussion to identify what are the elements required for success in a Digital Transformation
  3. SME session- A final session on tables to close a long day.







Morning session focus

In recognition of the transversal impact of digital across different stages and areas of our lives, the morning section of the conference will adopt a holistic approach covering the following key sessions:

  1. Leaders and strategy – In the last quarter three key strategies have been released: BEIS’ Industrial Strategy Green Paper, Cabinet Office’s Government Transformation Strategy and DCMS’ Digital Strategy, all of which envisage a more digitally enabled economy and government in a post-Brexit world. We will hear from the authors and those responsibe for these strategies being implemented including voices from government and Industry.
  2. Sector Responses – What do the non-governmental and trade bodies make of the strategies and will they succeed
  3. Disruptors– We know that change is constant and disrupts current models. We will hear from three disruptors and get a chance to