The 12th Annual National Digital Conference (ND17) will be the centerpiece of 5 days of discussion and debate across the UK on all aspects of Digital Transformation. It will bring together digital leaders, politicians, policy makers, innovators and inspirational speakers to identify, debate and brainstorm the key actions needed by leaders from all sectors to Digitally Transform the UK into a global leader.

We can promise a great day of disruptive ideas, best practice, exciting speakers and a genuinely cross-sector view of digital life in the UK, drawing upon a broad range of inputs from thoughts leaders including Ministers, Digital Leaders Advisory Board Members and Digital Leaders from Enterprise, SMEs, Public and the Non-profit sectors as well as Academia.

As always we will be ensuring a 50% gender balance from the platform.


The National Digital Conferences are brought to you by Digital Leaders
Digital Leaders is a free to participate in, UK-wide, Digital Transformation initiative of 12 regional programmes. It is the UK’s premier platform for expert opinion and networking for a cross sector community of 40,000 members. With over 100 face-to-face conferences, salons and events annually, it has operated this online community that promotes digital know-how, thought leadership and shares best practice around Digital Transformation, since July 2010.

Founded originally around the emerging Digital Inclusion Agenda in 2006, the National Digital Conference (ND) has always managed to cover each year’s hottest agendas and as a result has covered an incredibly wide range of topics over the last ten years. 

Leading thinkers in the sector have spoken to the Conference, including two Prime Minsters, many Government Ministers (23 so far), the UK’s first Digital Minister, the UK’s first Digital Champion, leading political advisors and academics, countless leaders of the organisations delivering the UK’s digital transformation, and the CEOs of many of the leading Digital businesses from Google to Microsoft.

The ND Conference has always been keen to ensure we are accessible to all including:

  • Making the Conference free to attend from 2009 onwards;
  • Being one of the first Conferences to regularly broadcast the day live and free to the internet;
  • The first UK Conference not about disability, to have live signing for the deaf from the stage;
  • One of the first to have live stenography for those watching online; and
  • One of the first to have a Conference App.

So in its 12th year the ND17 has an important role to play going forward as a National day of debate and participation for all those leveraging technology for the economic and social benefit of the UK.